A new project: Wild animals 2018/19

Year 2018/2019 was another great school year. English excelled once again and there was some real improvement seen in the kids, their understanding, reading, writing and most importantly their speaking improved a lot.

We got interactive again with a few projects including a speaking presentation about wild animals. And we finished the year with a little English theater play.

Review 2017/18

As another school year comes to an end, this year we've been more interactive with Learning English and have had the opportunity to get involved in a few cool school projects. The children loved getting involved in these projects and the result were clear to see. Its our new first class children that really surprised and impressed me with there English knowledge and there will to learn learn learn. This gives the children the best platform for the years to come. I'm looking forward to the next school year to push the childrens skills and knowledge even further.